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Jay Baruchel; tomatometers 5,8 / 10; ; 112 Min; rating 225 Vote; year 2019. For those interested, Amazon is taking pre-orders for the book (ebook, paperback and audible) Bloodshot by Gavin G. Smith, released on 4th Feb, 2020. According to the book The mom is a nut and she kills her family The boy tries to send signs from the beyond to warn his dad and brother. The kindness of strangers the originals. 2019:If Wil end. 2025: ne more movie for the fans Me:i dont think so.

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I was told to post this here because the game's 6 years old and works fine now, but it was a mess on launch. So, patient gamers get the best experience with it! I made a thread the other day asking if there's any new City Building games coming out to look forward to, but I prefaced it with two disclaimers: I like SimCity 2013 I don't particularly like Cities Skylines Naturally, this lead several users to outright attack me, and immediately go on the defensive, not even trying to understand my stance. I got comments completely re-writing what I said to willfully misinterpret it and attack things I didn't say (at one point the highest voted response) comments telling me I "don't know what I'm talking about" and just "tried Cities Skylines a few times and got bored and am a casual" and that I "just like to talk about stuff I either dont know or dont want to understand. Nobody actually asked for clarification and when it was given it was again willfully misinterpreted. So here I am making a thread specifically to defend this game. The game's launch was abysmal. For several reasons. First and foremost, people expected it to be something it was NEVER marketed as. People hated it because it didn't hold up to expectations that it never promised to. Nobody ever claimed SimCity was going to be a game about massive sweeping cities. We knew for a long time that it was always online. We knew for a long time the cities were small in scale. We knew ahead of time what was coming- and yet people still bought it and got angry it wasn't something else. Personally, I think that kind of behavior is super unfair. Devs communicate pretty well ahead of time what kinds of games we're going to get and this was no exception. Anyone who expected SimCity 4 in 3D from SimCity 2013 was lying to themselves, and they have nobody to blame but themselves for that expectation. Desire? That's fine. It's totally fine to desire that. But to expect it from SimCity 2013 was unfair. Secondly, due to the always online aspect, the game was nigh on unplayable the first few days after launch. I remember waiting in a queue to be able to get into the game for over 3 hours the first day it came out but I eventually got in. Then it went down. I got in again later. And after a few days the game was playable again. Personally, I think considering this a sleight against the game now, over 6 years later, is ridiculous. It's not the day of release 2013 anymore. That was a bad, shitty release. I don't deny that. But that is irrelevant in the now. In the now, the game has a full single player mode, and it works perfectly fine. Continuing to take its bad launch personally years later is totally pointless. And third, there were a few problems in the game that stand out. Nearest-neighbor workplaces is a big one people aren't fond of- when sims leave home, they head to the nearest workplace, and if it's full up, they head to the next. When heading home, it works the same way. Sims do not have assigned homes and workplaces, it's all random and based on proximity. Does this affect the traffic simulation? Yes, it's a little goofy. Does this look weird if you watch it closely? Absolutely. Does it make the actual gameplay bad? No, I don't believe so. Your road planning does have to be a bit janky to account for this behavior, but it's not a gamebreaker. Janky road setups to account for crummy AI are a standard these days with agent-based games, because agents are stupid, and we should stop focusing so hard on them. Cities Skylines is no stranger to crummy road setups to account for bad AI, either. Additionally, there was the problem of "fudged numbers. The population represented on the UI is not the exact 1:1 population of the actual number of agents available in your city. To me, this is meaningless. I don't care. I know a lot of people care. That's fine. But I don't think this meaningfully impacted gameplay at all. All city builders before it were also fudged numbers. There were not millions of individuals in your SimCity 4 cities, it was all simulated and faked behind the scenes using algorithms and data based on your city's structure and assets and whatnot. That was fine for decades (and is even preferable now to agents, IMO) and it was fine here as a compromise. But I acknowledge people were mad about it. Lastly, the region system was clumsy at and around launch due to relying on the online servers. Sending resources from one city to another might take ages because the servers had to process it, instead of the resources simply driving over. This issue does not exist in the game anymore, as single player is an option, and these features are now completely seamless. When it gets right down to it, now, in 2019 going on 2020, and played with the expectation that it's a solid and downright thick strategic supply chain game with a set of small city dioramas that link together to help you progress, it's a fucking awesome game. The graphics are gorgeous. The sound and visual design is impeccable and got a lot of praise at launch. You hook up water pipes and there's a visual of the water flowing through them to supply buildings along with a rhythmic pulse pumping the lifeblood of your city. Street lights flicker on in sequence as power travels through the streets to them. The soundtrack is gorgeous. The game is a delight to look at and listen to. It really shines here. But the gameplay is the meat of a game. And it is my opinion that SimCity 2013 stay with me gameplay than any other title in the series. I am not claiming it has bigger cities. I am not claiming it has more satisfying city building. I am not claiming there's a lot of room to be super creative. I am not claiming the small cities can't be bothersome. I am not claiming the AI is flawless. I am not claimiing the game is flawless. But I am claiming that as a matter of mechanics, how they work, how they interact, how much interaction you have with your city, and how it feels to progress from two trailer houses and a water tower to a big square of massive high-end residential skyscrapers with all their needs met by surrounding experience is really fucking solid and feels amazing. SimCity is a city builder first and foremost but it goes in depth in places other city builders do not. Budgeting is done via placement of modules to expand individual buildings, rather than clicking on them and adjusting a slider until the numbers line up (SimCity 4) or clicking on a slider that manages every single building in the city regardless of individual need (Cities Skylines. That means that an increased budget for school busses requires additional usage of space to house those busses. Additional fire trucks requires additional fire garages. And so on. With the small amount of space you're given, what space you use really matters, and using it creatively is an important part of the game. The supply chains in SimCity are a game within a game. For every single specialization, from casinos, to education, to tourism, to oil, to ore, to production of high end technology- you have a game within a game to micromanage on top of the rest of your city. You have to actually develop an oil industry piece by piece to gather oil. You have to manage your education system so that your university can be managed properly so that you can unlock necessary improvements to other services so that you can funnel resources into other supply chains. This is a lot of fun, and every specialization has its own goals and progression system that you have to follow to make your way up to true self sufficiency. The game's focus is on a region system- one region houses anywhere from 3 to I believe 15 cities. Each city may or may not be connected by road or rail. Lots of things affect the entire region- a department of transportation in one city means every city in the region has access to busses, for example. Cities can share resources, so if one has lots of fire trucks, they can be allowed to go into another to help it with fires. This means with each subsequent city you start you're essentially playing a New Game + using your previous city's resources to help the current one out. Your new city doesn't have a university? Well, another one does, and your sims can go there. Your old city can't produce ore? The new one can, because it has lots of it underground. A third city might take that ore, and take oil from the first city, and process it to send it to a fourth city for production into electronics. The game plays with these systems wonderfully. You jump between cities to help your previous cities out and use everything you've accomplished in each one to build up further self sufficiency across the region, eventually allowing you to take on massive regional projects like a solar array that provides energy for every city, meaning your cities can remove their polluting energy sources and replace them with something else. You can eventually do a full residential city with all resources handled by a neighboring one, or you can do a crummy city that takes the brunt of all the pollution in the region and produces power and resources for all the others at the expense of its citizens health- which can be taken care of by a better city across the region with nicer hospital facilities. It works really well. The game is designed around these concepts, and a lot of work went into them. They are cohesive, they are functional, they are deep, they are content rich, and they are true, engaging gameplay, the likes of which I do not believe exists in any other city builder on the market. On the other side of the coin is Cities Skylines. With mods, you can make Cities Skylines look quite nice. With mods, you can fix some of the game's AI and performance problems. But Cities Skylines as a game is quite a mess. It runs poorly on even the greatest computer (even more so if you want it to actually look nice. Its visual design is sloppy and features loads of mismatched assets and visual issues. The UI is not the greatest. But again, gameplay's the name of the game- and Cities Skylines falters in the gameplay department in almost every way. Everything important that you unlock in Cities Skylines is unlocked via population milestones. What this means is that it's really a game of expanding blindly, waiting for cash, expanding some more, unlocking a new thing (which also unlocks the problems that thing causes- i. e., unlocking fire stations means buildings are now allowed to set on fire) and repeating ad nauseum. I acknowledge the appeal of making sweeping cities covering a broad landscape. I play Cities Skylines more than I play SimCity 2013 because I like that too. I acknoweldge that with a few expansion packs and a minimum of mods, you can get a pretty reasonably nice looking game going, as long as you turn off all the bad base game assets. The game with the two university DLCs and the park DLC and their associated assets with some tweaking to remove bad base assets and some workshop items to add american suburban homes looks pretty nice, if a bit jaggy and with bad colors. I totally undrestand that Cities Skylines is also a fun game. But at its core, it's not a well made game. the game is rife with horrendous AI problems that will bog down your city and even lead to massive death waves. It runs terribly. It has no proper sense of progression outside of expansion packs. It doesn't reward players for anything other than basic activity like plopping a school when people need more school space or simply adding zoning to appeal to the zoning demands. It has no wealth values to contend with. It has no customization of budgets per-building. It relies far too much on traffic simulation and far too little on anything else. I like Cities Skylines. But in terms of gameplay, I prefer SimCity 2013. If you're still reading, the following is a near 10, 000 character essay comparing the Education and Industrial progression systems of SimCity and Cities Skylines. What I'm going to do is draw direct comparisons to gameplay progression in SimCity and Cities Skylines. These things are done from memory so some details may be inaccurate but the general idea is as written. Elementary School In SimCity, you place an elementary school. Each and every morning, school busses spawn from it and run around town picking up eligible children. At a certain time they turn around and head back. Any children not picked up do not get educated as they did not make it to school. You can expand the school bus capacity, for each school. The traffic to the school matters due to kids being picked up for it. The school can be expanded with additional rooms which take up physical space in the city. Any expansions increase the school's budget cost. In Cities Skylines, you place an elementary school. Time is meaningless in CS, so there are no daily busses. Citizens do not have to physically attend the school to become educated, they simply have to be within its area of effect radius. You cannot increase the school's capacity on a per-school basis, you can only increase the school capacity across the entire city at once. High School In SimCity, only sims who have graduated elementary school can attend high school. I believe it is unlocked via having a department of education addition on one of your city halls in any given city in the region. In Cities Skylines, eligible sims for high school are those who are high-school aged. Prior education does not matter. The high school is unlocked via a population milestone, and is not reliant on anything else. In SimCity, the high school capacity can be increased per-school with additional modules. In Cities Skylines, the high school capacity cannot be increased per-school and is increased alongside the elementary schools as they are all gathered together under one single budget slider. It is impossible to budget the two separately. In Simcity, the school bus feature still affects high schools. I believe teen Sims can also sometimes drive to school themselves. In Cities Skylines, time remains meaningless, and education merely relies on being within the school's area of effect. In SimCity, school placement matters as the morning and afternoon busses will clog roads. In Cities Skylines, people attend and leave school at random, sometimes staying there for months at a time or their entire lives, as time is meaningless in the game in regards to traffic and attending specific buildings. Traffic does not change significantly due to school placement. University- Without the University expansion for Cities Skylines In SimCity, the University is unlocked by having a Department of Education in any city in the region. The Department of Education takes up space on the map. Each city hall can only have a certain number of expansions added to it, so which you add in which city matters, though they affect the entire region, encouraging regional play. The University requires a certain number of sims be educated in a certain amount of time to prove your city's ability to educate. In Cities Skylines, the University is unlocked via a population milestone. in SimCity, only sims who have graduated High School can attend a University. In Cities Skylines, sims who are young adults can attend University. In SimCity, the University is a main building, and a series of branch buildings placed in whatever order the player chooses. Once you choose a branch, all other branches become LOCKED until the player reaches yet another education milestone, by educating a certain number of citizens in the new branch of the university within a certain time frame. Upon unlocking another branch, you can choose to place whichever new one you want. Merely placing a branch can unlock new features in the city, but actually educating sims there in significant numbers unlocks even more new things to use. In Cities Skylines, the university is one single building the size of a taco bell that never develops further and does not unlock anything. In SimCity, the University and specific branch are required to have citizens trained to handle high-tech industrial work. In Cities Skylines, sims merely have to be uni educated for any jobs that require university education. In SimCity, if you educate people to be able to do high-tech industry work, High Tech industry may begin to develop. However, high tech industry is susceptible to hazmat fires. Hazmat fires can only be put out by hazmat fire trucks, manned by specially trained firefighters. The only way to get hazmat fire trucks is to have the appropriate branch of the university somewhere in the region, which unlocks the hazmat garage, which is a physical addition to the fire station that allows it to handle hazmat fires. This means that if you develop the city enough to use high tech industry, you also need to develop enough to handle hazmat fires or risk burning down the town with no recourse, as these fires absolutely cannot be put out, no exceptions, without appropriate fire services. In Cities Skylines, no such mechanic exists whatsoever. University is a blanket "Sims may be educated enough for higher level industry jobs" effect, with no further specifics. In SimCity, developing certain branches of the university allows for building more complicated "Great Works" which are massive super structures out in the region that benefit the entire region at once with various special effects, such as a solar grid providing massive power to all cities in the region, and lowering pollution greatly as a result. Each branch also develops services further. Hospitals can get surgery wings to greatly improve health and life expectancy. Police stations can get upgrades, too. Advanced pollution control is also developed via properly running a university, and so on. Unlocking greater means of police coverage, fire coverage, healht care, etc is all done via population milestones. In SimCity, developing these great works requires mastery of supply chains. Ores, oils, etc can be mined where available in the region. Developing these industries requires hand placement of their machinery and storage facilities. As you develop an industry, it has an HQ building that, with certain milestones for development, can be expanded, unlocking additional features for increased efficiency and/or production output, represented as physical buildings that must be placed somewhere in the industrial supply chain. In Cities Skylines, any industrial supply chain is handled automatically, and is nearly irrelevant. Certain stores require certain types of goods, but any city without the industrial buildings to produce these goods merely gets them from the ether via vehicles that drive into the city from outside to deliver them. Having a mix of industrial types in the city is useful to prevent an influx of out-of-city traffic, but is ultimately unecessary in most cases. There is no development of industry beyond leveling up buildings by having appropriate surroundings for them, and they do not level up by means of usage, productivity, profits, etc, but rather based on nearby AOE environmental factors much like houses. In SimCity, these complex chains of supply and development exist for every industry and specialization- for oil, for ore, for plastics, for technology, for casinos, for tourism. In Cities Skylines, these complex chains do not exist, and they do not have progressive development. Unlocks are based on population milestones. In SimCity, each of these supply chains feeds into each other. Successfully producing technology to sell to the world- like TVs and computers- requires a factory producing microchips, which requires access to plastics and metals, which requires access to petroleum products and ores, which requires an oil industry and a mining industry, which requires successful development and expansion of both of those industries somewhere in the region. It requires physical presence of these goods- delivered from these industries- and stored in physical warehouses. It is, by all means, a game within a game. In Cities Skylines, this mechanic outright does not exist. IN SUMMATION In SimCity, the highest level of industry with the most productive results requires you personally develop several different types of industry using physical buildings and supply chains that must be individually "leveled up" through actual effort, production, productivity, and profit, all feeding into each other to produce a final product, and along the way each and every industry involved has its own unique milestones, goals, and standards for further development. Each must be perfected with care to produce an end result. Proper usage of high level industry relies on a complex system of university development where different majors represented by different buildings produce different unlockable buildings and opportunities that feed into other aspects of how the city works. Developing the university requires proving your city's capability at educating citizens who must physically attend school to count for anything. In Cities skylines, Schools provide an area of effect that simply denotes sims as educated or not, regardless of actual attendance. Higher level industries do require higher educated citizens, but they do not have any actual gameplay associated with them that is distinct from lower level industries. A vast majority of the effects of educated citizens and a greater ability to develop industries and public utility advancements are not unlocked via any specific effort in Cities Skylines, but merely handed to the player via arbitrary population milestones. It is because of these distinctions that I far prefer SimCity in spite of its small city sizes, clumsy traffic pathfinding, and bad launch. I believe that at its core it's a really engaging and interesting experience, and it deserves a hell of a lot more of a chance than it ever got, and I'm saddened that its failure means we'll likely never see a better execution of what it did right. I'm also saddened that Cities Skylines' success means we're likely to never see another developer try harder again- because Cities Skylines proves that actual gameplay death is not the driving force behind whether or not a simulation game gets good reviews anymore, alongside other bad simulation games of the decade who shall not be named because they are another essay entirely. TL;DR SimCity 2013 is like 5 dollars all the damn time and for a mere 5 dollars you can not find a more engaging and fun to look at tycoon/city building/progression-focused development game on the market. Give it a chance. It's 20 bucks. But it goes on sale a lot. I've seen the bundle at 5 bucks before. Keep an eye on it.

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TW: CSA, grooming, child abuse I have a nephew who recently turned 11 years old. He's a pretty normal kid who loves video games, sports, and has a very close relationship with his dad. However since he was a toddler he's had a lot of anger issues due to a currently unknown disorder and his parents often don't keep a close eye on him. I worry a lot about him especially since he's online so much. I was thinking about a conversation I'd had with my sister, his mom, about pedophiles online versus how my own parents handled pedophilia. She isn't educating him on it beyond pretty standard "stay safe online" stuff. She doesn't watch him super closely but she encourages him to play games with adult family members and uses parental controls so he can't talk with strangers. My parents' response was to take away all online contact and to completely isolate me from my support systems for PTSD for two years. I considered which response was right, or if there's an alternate response, and then I thought about the 13 year olds I see online. At 13 they're acutely aware of pedophiles online and are revolted by them. They understand that they're dangerous and that any validation or kindness received is an attempt at grooming because they've been told that by adults interested in keeping them safe. Their response is to avoid all contact while mine as a kid was to seek out pedophiles because they gave me attention. I was seeking the love and care that I was not receiving from my own parents. I was seeking a guardian figure and stability. I wanted someone who could offer advice, would help me when I was hurt, and gave unconditional love. Instead of having someone who provided that because they genuinely loved me I exchanged it for sex and favors. It made me feel miserable and scared and violated but my home was so unstable that it was seriously better than what I was getting. A pedophile taking advantage of a mentally ill traumatized child was better than my parents' treatment. It was not my fault for falling for that, though I've known that bit for a while. I just know exactly why now. I don't suddenly feel the internet is a safe place for children after realizing this. However I do think it puts into context exactly how my parents failed me and why some children turn to pedophiles. I say some because not everyone has this exact experience even if many of my friends do. I think if more children are given proper support and care they won't get caught up in the "care" a pedophile gives. If more children are aware that pedophiles have nothing but ill intentions they won't be caught up in grooming. Kids don't turn to pedophiles for no reason. They turn to them because they've been hurt.

I play in a kind of budget cEDH local pod and don't play with outsiders often at all. Playing with strangers is something I'm very hesitant to do, as the few times I did resulted in people getting upset with me going infinite. After watching The Professor's recent podcast about power level, I accepted the challenge of creating a lower power sideboard that slots out my combo + some potentially problematic cards. Here is my list: My maybeboard labels the cards to be swapped for a lower power level. Some feedback on if it will play well with others would be greatly appreciated! A bit of context on the deck: In my pod, I like how the deck lets me speckle the board with permanents that can be sacrificed later to remove threats and disrupt combos. It makes everybody want someone else to be the first person to play into my removal and therefore slows the game down long enough for me to cast Muldrotha, a requirement to get my combo online. For the sideboard, I removed the reanimator spells required to go infinite, as well as the Leovold-style wheel package and [ Zur's Weirding] which I fear will too easily be fun ruiners for strangers. I have opted against slotting in anti-combat effects like [ Spore Frog. Mindslicer] and [ Glacial Chasm] for similar reasons, I feel like people wouldn't have fun in that game. If I get swarmed by too many creatures then so be it; My goal is to play with lower power decks, not prey on them. I'm willing to play without turbo fog and I'd prefer to keep the disruptive game plan in tact anyway. The one questionable inclusion is [ Possessed Portal] because it's in the Commander's Quarters list (what I originally started with) so I feel like it's something people would be used to, as well as being an 8-drop that I can win with seems fair (I gotta be able to win somehow. Still, thoughts on that particular card would be nice. Speaking of winning, the plan is to start building a board state supplemented by combat damage triggers from [ Giant Adephage. Mindleech Mass] and [ Scion of Darkness. Villainous Wealth] seemed like it fit the theme being established by the latter two. Tidespout Tyrant] can help me clear out a clogged late-game board state once I can start recycling cantrips in order to actually swing with those guys. Finally. Plague Boiler] is a pet card of mine that was a lot of fun the very first time I played Muldrotha, so I am including it for sentimental reasons alongside the fact that an additional board wipe seems good in case of stompy games. Another idea I had been pondering was cutting tutors for more "steal my opponent's stuff" cards, but I would rather not have the sideboard grow large and hard to manage. It's still something to think about so I thought it was worth mentioning. Anyway, I'd like to feel confident in sitting down with strangers and playing my favorite deck without fear of upsetting people. I think the creatures I chose are pretty dope, so hopefully I can make this work. Thanks y'all.

A First Date in Black Wells by C. S. Humble Lauren Harper twisted the cord attached to the yellow, wall-mounted telephone in her clenched fist as she listened to the Editor-in-Chief of the Black Wells Gazette. She stood on the tips of her toes as he spoke. He offered her a job. Fortune was about to change things for her and Dillon. No. She had made things change for them. “Lauren, I know it seems like a rush, but could you be here and ready to work in a week? ” Franklin Whitaker, her new boss, had a gentle voice–a quiet authority. “Absolutely! ” she said. “Great, ” he said. “I-” a lump caught in her throat. “Thank you, Mr. Whitaker. ” He laughed. It was a golden sound, deep and warm. “It's tough out here, and I know this is your first real stab at an editorial bullpen, but I've read your samples and I think you have the kind of voice our staff could use. ” Finally, an accolade attributed to her work. It felt like escaping a prison. A prison crafted for only the insignificant and the unremarkable. Lauren thanked Mr. Whitaker over and over again. He cut her off. "Now, there is the matter of the salary. We aren't low-balling you, but I can only afford forty a year. That a problem? ” Forty-thousand dollars sounded like all the money in the world compared to the wages she was pulling in as a waitress. That would be enough to afford Dillon's pre-school and insurance for the both of them. “Mr. Forty will do just fine. ” “Good, ” he said. "and call me Frank. ” She laughed. "Okay—Frank... ” When they finished with the details she hung-up the phone and pumped her knees up and down. It took only a moment for her to swim back through the memory of the divorce. The long, hard nights puzzling over overdue bills. The caffeine-soaked hours getting through the online journalism school while Dillon slept. All her recent hardship collided with her rekindled hope. She began to cry. Sobs turned to laughter. She sheltered the laughter with her hands to keep from waking her son. Everything went smoothly moving out of the one bedroom apartment in Fort Stockton. Dillon helped in his own way, packing all of his toys and books into an old, plastic suitcase. Dillon had everything in the world that mattered to him in that suitcase and the six-year-old wrinkled his brown in confusion when she had started laughing when he brought the suitcase into the kitchen and said, Okay, Mom. We're ready to move. ” Lauren marveled at how much he'd grown. She looked at his pudgy hands gripping the suitcase handle with all the strength his small fingers could afford. The light, pouring in from the window, caught him in such a way that she could almost see how handsome he would be when adulthood swept him up. Lauren buckled Dillon into seat next to her and patted him on the chest. She kissed his forehead. “Ready, Freddie? ” she said, turning the truck's ignition over. “Who's Freddie? ” Dillon giggled as they pulled out of the apartment complex. They were leaving behind Paul, the diner, and all the bad memories that had started off as dreams. Trading in the flat, sandy expanse of West Texas for the blue, cresting sight of the Astolat Mountains was the smallest wonder Lauren and Dillon experienced over the next four months. Frank put Lauren to work the moment she'd walked into the Gazette's office. He showed her to her desk. “As you can see, we invest in ink by the barrel here, so that leaves little for the company furniture, ” he said. "You'll be out there more than you'll be here. That's what separates the good ones from the great ones, Lauren. ” He put her on fluff pieces at first, historical columns he said would serve as a solid foundation to learning the town's history, major politicians, and families. “Work the archive. When you're ready, I'll put you where you fit best, ” he said, then patted her softly on the shoulder. "Thats it for the welcome. Work hard and you'll rise fast. ” A tall, blonde woman looked up from her desk. "He gives everyone that speech. ” The lines on her face suggested early fifties and her thin features bespoke a sultry nature. The woman smiled. "Frankie here says all that so he can work you to the bone without feeling bad. ” She stood up. “Hi, I'm Dolores Williams, ” extending her hand. “You must be the new blood. ” Lauren introduced herself and from the moment the older woman cut her with a sarcastic remark about Lauren's hair stylist being fashionably impaired, she knew she wanted Dolores to be her friend. Her first days on the job were a blur, but Lauren was happy to be working only forty to fifty hours a week. Her working life was no longer spent with a menu in her hand and an oilfield roughneck patting her on the ass only to pretend like it was an accident. Things were tough, but the flexibility in her schedule allowed her to be mom while Dillon was awake and a journalist while he was at school. October's frost crisped the Black Wells landscape with an icy sheen. During that preamble of winter Dolores caught Lauren gazing out the window. She was looking at the blue skin of the Astolats from their table at The Buck Horn Diner. “There you go, again, ” Dolores said. "What? ” “You look out that window every day we have lunch here. Its like you've never seen a mountain before. ” "Black Wells makes Fort Stockton look like a wasteland. ” “I've got news for you: Fort Stockton is a wasteland. ” Dolores pressed her lips tight to her straw, sipping at her diet soda. "Paul was a dick for keeping you in that shit-hole. ” Lauren laughed. "Paul was a dick for a lot of reasons. ” “See, this is why I didn't get married, ” Dolores said. Lauren cut her a hard smirk. "No one ever asked you to marry them. ” Dolores's expression ballooned into a half-hurt, half-bemused look, her mouth agape. She made a cat like noise. "Meow, ” she said. "Look at those claws. ” Lauren grabbed Dolores' hand, shaking her head. "I'm sorry, please still be my friend forever. ” “Shit. ” Dolores blinked dramatically. “Maybe. We'll see how the rest of this lunch goes. ” “So, ” Dolores said as she poked at the remaining leaves of lettuce on her plate. "When are you going to get back on the proverbial horse. ” Lauren cocked her head to the side. "Huh. I guess I haven't thought much about dating. ” Dolores gave a look of annoyed disbelief. "Three years? You're telling me you haven't dated in over three years? ” “I was working. Taking care of Dillon. Trying to get through journalism school. Being everything to a tiny version of yourself takes up most of your time. You don't have enough time to take an uninterrupted shit, much less have a boyfriend. ” Dolores smiled. "Ah, mothers. Youre the true heroes. "Get the hell out of here. ” “No, I'm serious. You've got the dedication of a saint. ” “Yeah, and the sex life of a nun to go with it, ” Lauren said, then took a comically huge bite of her burger. Her mouth stuffed with meat and bun, mayonnaise slathered all over her lips, she said. "I mean, come on, who wouldn't want this? ” “Oh, that's hot, honey. ” Lauren shrugged. "I'm full. ” “Have you tried online dating? ” “No thanks. ” “Come on, I know a site. What's the worst that could happen? ” Lauren resisted at first, but then realized that she had really missed being close to someone over three feet tall and old enough to write their name with something other than a crayon. "Yeah? ” “Yeah, girl, ” Dolores said. "Give a shot. ” “You going to babysit for me, Dolores? ” “Uhh, ” Dolores moaned. "No. But Frankie has a girl who watches his hellions. Ask him. ”. That night, after she picked Dillon up from school, they celebrated having no groceries by ordering a pizza. They sat together on the couch and ate together. Then, they lay together, arms wrapped around each other as Dillon watched a VHS tape of a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles episodes. Lauren watched Dillon. She realized how free they had become. Free of obligations that kept her from being the mom she had always wanted to be. A parent who was around and involved. Lauren slipped her fingers into Dillon's hair. “Hey, buddy, ” she said. Dillon didn't look away from the TV. “Yeah? ” “What do you think about mom going out by herself some time. You know, to meet a new friend? ” Dillon took his eyes off the show, looked at Lauren with green eyes he'd inherited from Lauren's father. He furrowed his brow, a long, singular wrinkle creased his skin. “Could I have pizza again? ” Lauren laughed and swooped her hand around to tickle Dillon's stomach. "I think we could manage that! ” After Dillon's bath, bedtime reading, and a struggle to get his teeth brushed, he fell asleep on her chest. Lauren, a seasoned veteran, slid out of the bed, leaving the child undisturbed. She went back into the living room and sat down at her computer. Email Alert - From: Dolores Williams Subject: FIND THE GUY! The body of the email contained a hyperlink for a dating website. “Check out this guy! ”. She clicked the first link, which of course, required her to fill in what seemed like a ridiculous amount of information. Are you looking for a hook-up? Are you looking for a committed relationship? Are you looking for the one? Lauren checked the last two boxes. She entered in her location information and boom. A list, twenty-five names deep and eight pages long were all the men in her area. In one profile, a guy was wearing a black turtleneck sweater and a leather trench coat, going by the name Damocles Windwalker. The portly man sported a long, black beard and stated two occupations: Night Janitor at Black Wells Courthouse and Cryptozoological Expert. “What have you gotten me into, Dolores, ” she said, as she shook her head and quickly x-ed out of that profile. She remembered the link in Dolores' email and clicked on the word 'guy. A profile popped in a new screen. Jacob Marion, an architect who opened up enough on his profile to explain that he was a widower and was looking to make a family. His profile said he was 6'2, 185 lbs, with a body type his pictures proved was athletic. There was a small button reading – Message Me! A chat window popped up, showing that Jacob was online. She began to type. Lauren909: Hi. The cursor in the chat box winked at her over and over again. She quickly realized that her heart was beating heavily in her chest. Jacob_Marion: Hi there. “Oh, shit, ” Lauren said out loud, then covered her open mouth. She laughed at herself. L auren909: Hi, I got this website from a friend. This is my first chat ever, is this weird? ” Jacob_Marion: It is weird the first time, but you get used to it. I lurked for a while on here, but I finally took the plunge and started talking to people. You live in Black Wells? Lauren909: Yeah, moved here a few months ago. I see that you're an architect. That's interesting. “You are so dumb. He is going to think you are so dumb, ” she said to herself. Jacob_Marion: LOL. It has worked out pretty well for me so far. I moved here when the city invested grants into the new buildings. I design schools and office spaces. Not exactly on the cutting edge of design. Jacob_Marion: Hey, you work at the Gazette! Big time journalist here in Colorado. Won any big awards I'd know about? Lauren909. afraid not. Jacob_Marion: I see that you're a mom. Boy/Girl? Age? They chatted past Lauren's bedtime, telling each other what had brought them to Black Wells, what types of movies and books they liked. Jacob_Marion: Look it's getting late for me, and I am not normally this forward, but would you like to have dinner with me Sunday night? Lauren said yes. Lauren909: That's my cell. Maybe call me tomorrow to set up the time and location? Jacob_Marion: Giovanni's. 7:45PM. Is that okay? She said that she'd drive herself because she liked getting to know the town on her own. Jacob wrote, Can't wait. See you on Sunday, Lauren. “Get out of town! ” Dolores squeeled over the phone the next morning. “An architect. Go ahead, young lady. ”. Lauren laughed. It was a bright, almost forgotten sound. “This is a good idea, right? ” “Don't get the jitters. You deserve this, ” Dolores said. “Let yourself have a good thing. ” “Right? ” “Right! ” Franklin came through with the sitter. She took Dillon to a park that afternoon and prepped him with comments like: “Mommy is just going to be gone a few hours. ” and “Sandy is going to be your new friend. She said she loves the Ninja Turtles and cannot wait for you to show her your favorite episodes. ” The little boy played on the floor of Laurens bedroom as she curled her hair and slipped on a silky, v-neck dress. “How do I look? ” Dillon held up one of his action figures. "Thrusters are engaged, Mommy. Maximize your potential! ” The doorbell rang. “Maximize that potential, baby, ” she said, then kissed him and went to answer the door. The girl, who Lauren met in the open doorway, was bright, chipper. “Hi! ” The girl's greeting hit Lauren in the face like a gust of wind. “Hello, I'm Ms. Harper. You must be-” “Sandy Coors, ” she said, thrusting her hand out like a knife. "Nice to meet you, Ms. Harper! ” "Thanks for watching Dillon. ” Lauren made the introduction. Dillon's face lit up like a freshly struck match. He jumped into the air, and when his feet returned to the floor, he rushed to Sandy and took her by the hand over to the circle of action figures. “These are the protectors. They have been making sure that Stranger Dangers don't steal our movies, ” he said. Sandy mimicked his enthusiasm. "Oh my goodness, they are so brave. Do you think they will let us borrow the movies to watch? Lauren checked her watch. "Okay, kiddo, Mommy is going out now. ” She knelt down and Dillon rushed over to her, wrapping his pudgy arms around her neck tightly. He kissed her, then pulled back and rubbed his hand over his mouth caked with red lipstick. “Uh, gross, ” he said. Sandy and Lauren laughed as the little boy furiously rubbed at the lipstick with his sleeve. Then, he ran back to Sandy and the circle of protectors. “Bye, mom, ” he said. “Bye, sweetie. I'll be back soon. ” Lauren exchanged a wink with Sandy. The drive was short. She parked her car outside the small, intimate restaurant and took a few calming breaths. “This is not a big deal, ” she said. “Just a first date. ” She stepped out into the sepia light and walked to the front of the restaurant. She saw Jacob was sitting on a bench inside the foyer of the restaurant. She pulled the door open and scanned the restaurant, pretending that she hadn't been staring at him before she came in. "Lauren? ” His baritone voice was smooth, confident. “Jacob? ” “Hi, ” he said, and stood up, slipping one hand out of his pocket to embrace her in a side hug. “Ready? ” he asked. “Absolutely. ” The hostess guided the two of them around a wooden half wall that hid the diners from the front windows. Coming around the wall, Lauren saw that while there were a few tables in the center of the restaurant, the back wall was encircled by curtained booths which hid all but the shins and shoes of the other patrons. Brass sconces reached out of the walls, capped by soot smeared glass. Tiny flames danced inside them. From a deep, shadowed corner came the twinkling of a piano. An old, wrinkle-faced man sat behind the instrument playing a slow, romantic tune. Lauren heard the fluttering of conversations behind the veils of the other booths. “Here we are, ” said the hostess, gesturing her arm toward an open booth. “Excellent, thank you, Mary, ” said Jacob. Lauren and Jacob sat opposite each other in the booth. Just before the hostess left, she slid the curtain shut, hiding them from the restaurant. "Come here that often, huh? ” Lauren asked. Jacob gave her a big smile. "Only for special occasions. ” Lauren couldn't help but blush a bit, her eyes drifting to the floor. “Before we get into the full swing of tonight, I want to tell you that you look incredible. Is that okay? ” Her blush deepened. “You sure know how to pour it on, quick, ” she said. "To be honest, Jacob, I want to be upfront and say that I'm the kind of person who wants to take things slowly. And I just want us to be on a balanced playing field, you know? ” Jacob lifted his hands, palms up. "Absolutely. ” Hearing that put to rest the butterflies in her stomach. “Let's start with dinner. And just to set expectations early, ” he said with a smile. "don't worry about paying. ” "Are you sure? ” “I wouldn't have it any other way. ” “I think Mary forgot our menus, ” Lauren said. “They don't have menus here. It's intentional. A singular dish is prepared each night that Giovanni's is open. Once that meal has been completed by the patrons it is never served again. That makes every meal more than just an event. Giovanni says it makes every evening almost ceremonial. ” “How rustic, ” she said. “Being intentional is something that I appreciate. ” Their appetizer came–a salad and soup dish she mostly picked at. The main course was a perfectly seared lamb chop slathered in a creamy sauce. Baked mushrooms and rosemary potatoes came on another plate. At the sight and smell of the food she and Jacob let go of their inhibition and ate less politely. All through the dinner Lauren found herself telling Jacob about her life in Texas, about Dillon, and she was shocked to find herself going into some of the more difficult details about her failed marriage to Paul. Jacob listened. His head slightly tilted, taking in every single detail. His eyes were blue. Kind. When the waitress delivered a freshly-made tiramisu with chocolate shavings, it was on one plate. Two forks were perched on the plate, their prongs kissing. “Before dessert, will you excuse me for just a moment? ” Jacob asked. “Only if you promise to tell me all about you when you get back, ” she said. He grinned and nodded at her as he slipped behind the veil, his footfalls clear on the wooden floor. After only a few moments he slipped back through the curtain, and slid into the booth next to her. Their hips bumped together as he turned and looked intently into her eyes. “Is this okay? ” he asked. The piano music, a low, rolling tune drifted into her ears. Lauren's heart fluttered and before she gave it a full thought, she said, “Yes. ” Their shoulders brushed one another lightly as the two of them shared the dessert. Lauren listened to the music, the dreamy sound flooded over the noise of the other patrons who were finishing their meals and starting to leave. “So, ” he said, Expectations. ” “Mmhmm, ” Lauren said, slipping the last bit of tiramisu past her lips. “Honesty. ” She winked, gave him a smile, her mouth full. "Mmhmm. ” “I told you that tonight was special and listening to your story has only made me realize how special it really is. We don't come here often, and when we do, we consider it a sacred thing. ” Lauren shook her head bemusedly in confusion. "We? ” Jacob reached for the edge of the curtain. He pulled it back slowly. The curtain removed, Lauren saw a mass of figures in scarlet robes standing where the veil had hid them. They were all wearing white, faceless masks. “W-what-what is- ” she stammered, pressing her palms into the cushion beneath her. Her heart began to pound in her chest. She felt the urge to run. Until she saw what lay beyond the robed motley. Tied to one of the tables, at the center of the restaurant, his eyes closed as if peacefully sleeping, was Dillon. Lauren screamed his name and began flailing her arms wildly at Jacob and though he reached to grab her, her clawing hand raked his eyes. He howled. Lauren stood up on the booth steat, stomping onto the table, shattering their wine glasses, and kicking silverware into the robed onlookers. She kicked at them while screaming Dillon's name. The masked motley parted, allowing her to jump down from the table, almost breaking her ankle in her heels, and rush over to her son. Lauren traced her hands over her son, looking for any sign of injury. He was still in his favorite pajamas. She swept around the table and looked at the locked iron shackles that held him in place. “What is this, ” she said. "What the fuck is this? ” She looked up to see Jacob, who was pulling on a robe of his own. He wore no mask. Fresh blood trickled down his cheeks, leading up to eyes that had lost all their kindness. “This is Black Wells, Lauren and we are its caretakers, ” he said, as he produced a long, dark knife from his robe. “You and your son shall be the sacrifice. ” The robed people rushed Lauren, overtaking her maddened flurry of slashing hands and kicking feet. With all her strength, she grabbed Dillon's hand, but the strength of the others was too much. She was lifted off her feet and held down onto a table as thick as a butcher's block. Iron locks bit down into her wrists as she was chained to the table. She screamed and screamed and damned them and damned their town. The robed people encircled the mother and child, silent in their revel of the moment. Jacob loomed over Lauren, blood from his cheek dripped down his chin, a delta of crimson tears. “Brothers and Sisters, remove your masks and see unflinching... ” Lauren bellowed in a primitive howl, damning the maniac faces, among which she saw Franklin Whitaker, Dolores, and even young Sandy. Jacob began to sing. The piano player rolled his somber tune higher and higher on the keys. The crowd joined Jacobs melody. The obsidian blade in Jacob's clenched hands swayed over Lauren. She looked over at her son's sweet face and she begged. "Please don't hurt him. ” “Hurt him, ” Jacob said, almost confused. "why, this ceremony is for him. ” Lauren's eyes went wide. "I dont. ” “Don't worry. We will take care of him, ” he said, and with one hard thrust, he transformed the restaurant into an altar.

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One of his best songs IMO. They found her the next day cuffed to the bed with a rag in her mouth and a bullet in the head. Like how he tells a story. I just watched the whole movie on youtube for free. Thank you! Looks like YouTube is getting better now with allowing full movies to be uploaded n all. :D. A bunch of underrated actors in this, and im in love. The Woke is strong with this one. Everyone talking about her yall forgot about that Boondocks episode. This is how all humanity should be, let all of us give it a shot, a random act of kindness, is also a blessing in return, try it.

Wow, I didnt realise how long this was sorry. This was about 2/3 years ago so details of the conversation wont be word for word but its burned in my memory so well that its close to perfect. So heres a little background first off. I have a drama degree (yes Im currently working retail thank you for asking. During my degree I got offered a gig as one of Santas elves at a fancy hotel. This was a legit job, 10 an hour, two floors of a hotel completely transformed, we all wore costume and makeup, the Santa had full SFX makeup on and was a trained actor. It was lit. We had an online booking system where the parent/guardian/teacher or whoever was bringing the kids filled out a form. Basic stuff, what time and date would you like, how many kids do you have, what are their ages and names. Easy peasy! So basically the party would arrive in the hotel lobby, be greeted and signed in by an elf, get a whole magical welcome speech. That elf would escort them up in the lift to a ballroom all decked out in winter wonderland theme with music, cake and sweeties, drinks (mulled wine for parents) balloons, party games, a face painter, magician and party princesses. It was amazing. Anyway, it was in an area of England known for divas, hair rollers and heavy makeup so when a lady came up in the lift with a full face of makeup, hair curled to perfection and dressed to the nines including heels at 10am none of us thought anything of it. This is our EM. EM looks around for a weak link among all the little kids, hotel staff, princesses and elves and she spots me. 52, painted on rosy cheeks, covered in glitter and making a balloon dog for a little girl. I am the chosen one, I have ascended. I am worthy. So she comes storming up to me and it goes a little something like this. EM: OI! YOU! ME: still in character and trying not to bust this fucking balloon) Well hi there miss! Are you here to see Santa? EM: I FUCKING THOUGHT I WAS, YEAH! ME: Oh! Please dont use naughty list language where kids and Santa can hear, Miss! I hurriedly finish the balloon because I dont want this little girl getting frightened. I hand it to her and she scampers off to her mum. EM: Are you a manager? ME: Im Santas Head Elf, yes! How can I help? EM: You can tell me why your staff are so fucking useless! I realise she doesnt give a fuck about the kids in the room so I guide her out into the hall and close the ballroom doors. I drop character and ditch the high pitches American accent. ME: Listen, Im really sorry. Can you tell me whats happened and Ill try and fix it? EM: Youd fucking better fix it! The stupid bitch downstairs is saying I dont have a booking! Ive fucking booked with your online form! I ignore the bitch comment because I just want this woman sorted ASAP. ME: oh, thats not good! Let me take a look at our bookings. I go grab the clipboard with a printout of the days booking on it. We had one upstairs to tick off each group as they came up in the lift. ME: What name have you booked under? EM: Karen Arsehole ME: Nope, youre right here! The girl downstairs must have just missed you, Arsehole party, one adult and three kids. EM: OF FOR FUCK SAKE YOURE ALL AS THICK AS EACHOTHER! ME: getting annoyed now) Excuse me? EM: ITS THIRTY! 3-0! ME:Youve. youve brought thirty kids with you? EM: YES BECAUSE IVE FUCKING BOOKED AND PAID FOR THIRTY KIDS! IVE BROUGHT MY SONS WHOLE CLASS AS A TREAT AND YOU IDIOTS ARE RUINING IT! Now, I know for a fact she hasnt booked thirty kids because A) her booking had the amount she paid on it, which was 50. 15 per kid and a fiver for adults to cover their wine and snacks. This is expensive but remember it was an upscale hotel with really good food and entertainment and it included photos from trained photographers. B) because of the amount of time each individual kid got with Santa (20 minutes each) we only took 30 kids a day. Which added up to ten hours a day. Shed made her booking four days prior when people had been booking this date for weeks, so the form wouldnt even LET HER choose 30. So basically, what I think has happened is she offered the day out for the kids, then dropped the ball and booked 3, hoping wed take it as a computer error and fit them in. ME: Right, Im sorry but I think theres been a bit of a mix up he- EM: A MIX UP? YOURE STRESSING ME OUT AND RUINING CHRISTMAS AND YOU CALL THAT A MIX UP! ME: having none of this nonsense) Are you planning on letting me speak? EM: EXCUSE ME? HOW DARE YOU SPEAK TO ME LIKE THAT! ME: listen, Ill happily stand here all day and let you shout, or we can try and sort this. Its up to you. EM: quiet but somehow angrier. Ive paid a fortune to bring these kids here today, of course youre going to sort it! ME: actually madam, youve paid 60. If you had booked 30 children, you would have paid 455. EM: are you calling me a liar! ME: not at all, I just think you might have got a bit confused with the booking form. It can be hard if you arent used to it. EM: obviously realising Im not budging here and seeing an out) Alright then, Ill pay the rest. Have you got a card machine? ME: bracing myself) Unfortunately We cant accommodate a large booking today. EM: WHAT! ME: Each child is allotted 20 minutes with Santa and, not including your three, we have 21 other children booked today. We simply dont have the time. EM: Well, youll just have to stay open then, wont you! ME: No, I wont. That would require me to keep staff in until roughly 5AM, break labour laws, licensing laws and greatly disturb the sleep of hotel guests. Its not doable. EM: Are you joking? A few of your staff wouldnt be bothered to stay late to make Christmas magical for a group of children! ME: Nope. The law doesnt allow it Im afraid. We all arrive here bright and early at 8Am, meaning we wouldnt get the legally required break between shifts. Im sorry, but my hands are tied. EM: Well then, youll have to come and tell a group of thirty children that Santa doesnt want to see them! She reaches out to grab me, as if shes going to drag me to the lobby. I just snatch my arm back and take a step away from her. ME: sorry, Ive been away from my work for too long already. If youre willing to come back at about half seven this evening, then Santa may be able to come down and say a quick hello as a group. EM: I PAID FOR WHAT YOU ADVERTISED! YOU SAID THEY GET 20 MINUTES EACH! ME: Youre welcome to bring 3 of them up for their 20 minutes, which is what you paid for. EM takes a deep breath, as if shes meditating. Then she looks as me with a bright, obviously fake smile. EM: Listen, I really didnt want to do this because its soooooooo embarrassing. But you know who I am, yeah? Guys, I had honestly zero idea who this woman was. I even looked at her booking again to see if I recognised the name. Nope. She could have been the milkmans second cousin for all I knew. ME. Her face drops like an piano out a window. Shes now a weird mix of confused and angry that makes her look vaguely constipated. EM: are you. are you serious? ME: Yeah? EM: You dont know me? ME: No, should I? Before she can answer my little radio crackled and the Lobby Elf (LB) calls for me. I hold a finger up to EM and walk a few paces away to talk privately. LB: ME, are you there? ME: Yep, go ahead. LB: Did a blonde lady head your way? She left a massive group of kids down here and I cant keep an eye on them all anymore. Theyre going mad down here and I need to check in new arrivals! Shes been gone way too long. ME: She left them there! LB: Yeah, Ive got a doorman keeping them inside and one of the receptionists is guarding the lift, hes already stopped about five of them from coming up to you. ME: Right, give me a sec. I turn to EM ME: Have you not got another adult with you? EM: no? Im chaperone. ME: Right, Im going to have to ask you to return to your party and keep watch over them please. EM: fine, Ill go get them. Well be right back to sort this nonsense out. ME: No, you may not bring an additional 30 children up here. We havent got room and its a fire hazard. (I didnt fucking know if it was a fire hazard but it sounded authoritative) EM: Theyll be fine. Ill put them in the party room while you find room for them to see Santa. Yall, this woman hasnt heard a word Ive said. Also, no, she fucking cant take an extra 30 kids into the party room. We have a specific amount of cupcakes, sweets and drinks and I was not going to have other bookings turn up later and have nothing to eat because EM let her pack of wild children eat all out stuff. ME: No. they cannot go in there. There isnt enough party food. Plus, its the waiting room to see Santa. And Ive made it perfectly clear to you that your group will not be seeing Santa today unless you come back at half seven and accept a group meeting. Youre welcome to rebook for another day. EM: Just go buy more! You cant exclude kids from a party, its not faaaaaairrrr! ME: I can when their adult hasnt paid the entry fee. EM: Listen, Im not wasting any more time with you. Cut everyone elses time to ten minutes and halve the cupcakes! They wont know any different! As. Fucking. If. ME: Madam, I will explain this one more time. You have not booked correctly, that isnt my fault or the fault of the hotel. You havent paid correctly. You have abandoned 30 children into the care of one person downstairs. You have three options. 1- you rebook and come back another day, Ill transfer the 60 youve paid into your new booking. I will gladly have the elf downstairs tell the children that Santa has had to go back to the North Pole for the day. Option 2- three of your group come meet Santa, as you have paid for. I can bring them up while you keep an eye on the others. The rest of you may come back at 7. 30 for a group meeting with Santa. The children will not receive alone time, treats or individual professional photos, but I will have enough spare toys for them. Or option 3- you leave now, I refund you your money and you do with it what you wish. EM screws her face up like a baby eating a lemon and then just EXPLODES into screams again. EM: YOURE A FUCKING DISGRACE. YOURE GOING TO RUIN CHRISTMAS FOR THIRTY KIDS! THIRTY! FUCK YOU! WHAT THE FUCK IS WRONG WITH YOU YOU FAT BITCH! Full disclosure, I am pretty chubby, so this got me a bit riled up) ME: Alright, option 4! I call security and have you removed from the hotel. I lift my radio to call security. EM: YOURE A FUCKING CUNT! Guys. This bitch hocks and chokes for a second before I realise whats happening and step back. SHE. SPITS. ON. ME. Now, it hits me in the chest, but if I hadnt stepped back Id have gotten a face full of leftover teeth whitener and saliva. Disgusting. I fight down my revulsion and look at her blankly. Shes stood there all tense, obviously expecting a fight. But Im a classy bitch, so I just walk to the lift, push the button and gesture for her to get inside when it arrives. Then radio security as soon as the doors close. I didnt get to see first hand what happened once she got down to the lobby because security called me in to change my costume and fill out an incident report straight away, but a receptionist later told me she was dragged out screaming in full view of her gaggle of kids. So Im sure all those children went home to mommy and daddy with a good story. As for me, I relaxed for a little bit, got a snack and then got straight back to work. Someone later told me she was a footballers wife. Her husband plays for Liverpool apparently. Ive still not got a clue who she is. EDIT: TL:DR: Karen forgets to book her group of thirty kids into an expensive Santas grotto, books 3 instead and tries to blame me and insist I stay at work until 5am to accommodate her. I, dressed in full elfwear, have none of it. SHE SPITS ON ME. I have her escorted out. Turns out shes a WAG Also thank you for the silver kind strangers.

The kindness of strangers nick cave. The kindness of strangers lyrics. The Kindness of strange stuff. The kindness of strangers imdb. The kindness of strangers poem. The kindness of strangers beverly hills 90210. The Kindness of strangers in paradise. Love yer country warbley! 👍🎶🎶🎶👌😀👍. The Kindness of strangers. My eyes rolled so much i was afraid it would come back to the front... C3PO didnt mean the characters standing in front of him. He meant all the fans who loved his character for decades.

The kindness of strangers book review. We need fanart of Anje. We need SO much fanart of Anje. He's like a big hairy Android 16. He reminds me so much of Majin from Majin And The Forsaken Kingdom, except he speaks a different language, and even then he's got limited speech. He must be some sort of strange Druidic creation, like some sort of Druidic Homonculus. The fact that the Hag even called it by a specific name means that its not completely unknown, and the Hags know it exists, they just don't know what it is. I'm not gonna lie, I cracked up when Anje threw seeds at Remy. That was priceless.

Impossible to predict, Helen Hunt is actually crazy, was I right. The kindness of strangers band. You never call a woman chick i died.

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The kindness of strangers quotes. Just downloaded this and it was actually pretty damn good. I remember seeing the first trailer and I wasn't impressed but now I am. Looks interesting. The kindness of strangers cast. The kindness of strangers: penniless across america.

The kindness of strangers trailer

When Harley goes through a mental breakdown and cuts her hair tho. I've been feeling completely discouraged lately while playing the guitar. I'm sure some of you can relate, but whenever I pick up my guitar, I play the same riffs and everything sounds uninspired. Lately I feel like I've hit a plateau and it's been hard to find the motivation to push through it. On top of that, I'll go on Instagram or YouTube and see some incredible guitarist like Mateus Asato or some 12 year old virtuoso and feel even more terrible. It's like... why even try? But a couple days ago, I received a new guitar in the mail (Black Friday impulse purchase) and because I felt guilty about buying this guitar, I forced myself to play it for a couple hours. And as tired and uninspired as it may have been, the longer I played, the more I found myself having fun. I ended up finding a melody that stirred me. So, I chased it and chipped away at it. Soon, two hours became four and at the end of all of it, I was left with what I think is a really beautiful chord melody which you can hear here. It's definitely not the flashiest piece of playing, and I'm sure there are many of you who would be able to play this with your eyes closed, but to me this piece feels mature and nuanced in a way that I have never been able to play or write before and I feel really proud of it. It feels like a small, but meaningful step forward for me. All this to say, I don't have the solution to busting through plateaus or how to not. about your playing (this "mini breakthrough" completely surprised me too) but I guess the reason I wanted to write this was to encourage anyone else who may be feeling discouraged with their playing too. It's so easy to fall into the trap of comparison, but I think that reminding ourselves that playing guitar is not a competition and that it is a long, often frustrating, journey is so important. Just taking the time to create music, put it out into the world, and enjoy that process is incredibly beautiful in and of itself. And whether you play in your bedroom, in a stadium, or to your millions of followers online, your art is valid and meaningful. Anyway I have no idea who needs to hear that, but while I have this moment of excitement and clarity, I just wanted to make sure to put that message out there. Thanks for listening to my TED Talk lol. EDIT. Someone gave me a Baby Snoo Award! WOW. I think that's Silver? Gold? Either way thank you kind stranger. It's my first time. EDIT 2. What the heck is a Santa Nice Award? I don't know but this is completely unexpected and a wonderful holiday surprise. Thank you so much. EDIT 3. OK. I'm floored by how much people are resonating with this experience. Gold, Silver, Baby Snoo Award, Santa Nice Award. Y'all have made my Christmas. Holy heck, thank you. I knew when posting this that others struggled with comparing themselves and hitting plateaus too, but I didn't realize just how much so, which in hindsight seems a bit naive on my part. What they say is true, that social media is a highlight reel. As cliche as it sounds, hearing about others' experiences and their perspectives has has really made me feel less alone and less disappointed in myself. There are a lot of comments thanking me for sharing this message, but honestly I feel like I need to be thanking all of you. You don't know how encouraging this has all been for me. I know it's not necessarily etiquette to reply to all comments, and it may even be tacky to do so, but so many of them have been so positive and vulnerable that I really want to do so. But I do need to get back to work at some point, so apologies if I don't get around to all of them. Ok, I'm going to sign off before it gets wayyy too sappy (as if it isn't already. Thanks again everyone. Happy holidays and happy playing.

The Kindness of strangers on a train. I want to watch this in the theater tho... “Wait this isnt a human... ”.
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